"atelier•jb living art" is a small manufactory that utilises nicolas' paintings and art photography in products. it is the sales brand of theartof.studio. for example, we apply motifs from the "zeepaardje" series to cups, apply gold colour to the cup handle and fire them in an oven. we also produce art prints of photographs and painted pictures in limited editions. maybe we're lucky and you'll find something you like here in the shop. that would be nice.
Informatie: — We nemen een creatieve pauze. Nicolas tekent, schildert en ontwerpt nieuwe motieven. We gaan verder in 2024.
Informations: — We are taking a creative break. Nicolas draws, paints and designs new motifs. We continue in 2024.
Informations: — Nevertheless, the shop will continue to be stocked during this time. Check back from time to time.
Informatie: — Niettemin zal de winkel in deze periode bevoorraad blijven. Kom af en toe terug.

New Collection

New styles, bright colours, creative designs by Nicolas von Jahn-Burian. Discover our new collection of paintings and drawings on mugs. (Two series are currently in pre-production: Zeepaardje & Wulp)
photography in a different evolution - painting in personal style

what should always remain:


Bekijk onze catalogus / Browse our catalogue

Find your motif on a hand-painted or printed mug. A special sublimation process is used for printed mugs, as a result of which the object is fired. We do not work with foils. (Portrait on cup "Laurentius")

Benelux Gallery

A painting tells a story, is a window into the soul of the artist. A painting can draw in the depths, fill the space with life. But a fascination, a pleasure can also be created on two levels. Each of Nicolas' paintings tells a part of his life, the moment of an experience. Some designs were created years ago, but only find their completion in the present. Reasons? Many and varied. It can be easy to tell a story, but it is not always so. A story must also want to be told, only then can it captivate. The Benelux Gallery is a space for artists with story(s).

Levering en retourneren

Om uw favoriete producten te leveren, werken we samen met de betrouwbaarste bedrijven. We staan klaar om hen uw bestellingen toe te vertrouwen en staan altijd aan uw kant als er iets misgaat. We helpen u graag met in aanmerking komende retourzendingen, de retourinstructies en het retouradres. Als u een product wilt terugsturen of ruilen, stuur ons dan een e-mail zodat wij een vervanging kunnen bespreken.


This shop is maintained by TheArtof.MEDIA in co-operation with Benelux-Gallery & TheArtof.STUDIO. "atelier•jb living art" is the sales brand. Here you will find a limited selection of works by the artist Nicolas von Jahn-Burian. "We zijn een kleine winkel. Je kunt hier kunstproducten kopen. Elk item is handgemaakt en verschilt daarom van zijn voorganger. Houd hier rekening mee en verwacht geen industriële producten met hoge precisie. Het is kunst." The Atelier is (soon)located near Alkmaar / Noord-Holland. Shipping also takes place from here. This store will be opening soon. Until the opening, please use our postal address in Amsterdam or e-mail to contact us.
(Geen expositie / No exhibition / No visitors / appointment only after prior consultation)
Postcode / Postal address Nicolas von Jahn-Burian Keizersgracht 520H 1017 EK AMSTERDAM
Dagelijks 10.00 - 15.00 uur