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atelier•jb — The shop is currently closed. We are revising the product line and updating it with the latest works by Nicolas.


"atelier•jb living art" is a small manufactory that utilises nicolas' paintings and art photography in products. it is the sales brand of for example, we apply motifs from the "zeepaardje" series to cups, apply gold colour to the cup handle and fire them in an oven. we also produce art prints of photographs and painted pictures in limited editions. maybe we're lucky and you'll find something you like here in the shop. that would be nice.

art with different eyes - pictures with stories


This store is operated by TheArtof.MEDIA Nicolas von Jahn-Burian "atelier•jb living art" is the sales brand Here you will find a limited selection of works by the artist. "We are a small shop. You can buy art products here. Each item is handmade and therefore differs from its predecessor. Keep that in mind and don't expect high-precision industrial products that are one like the other. It is art." TheArtof.MEDIA Postbox Nicolas von Jahn-Burian c/o IP-Management #34754 Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 18 20459 Hamburg *(Geen expositie / No exhibition / No visitors / appointment only after prior consultation) © 2024 Nicolas von Jahn-Burian USt-IdNr. : DE 2288 4461 2